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N.J.Akers & Co, United Kingdom
NJ Akers, Chartered Patent Attorneys, European Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys. Legal advice for copyright law, patent and copyright information based in Cornwall, UK. Register your invention or intellectual property ideas.
N4 Pharma, United Kingdom
ManufacturerCommercial R&D
N4 Pharma is a drug reformulation company focused on developing and out licensing new versions of existing high value drugs with an unmet commercial or medical need.
Nacur Healthcare Ltd, United Kingdom
ManufacturerCommercial R&D
Nacur Healthcare Ltd specialise in the development and manufacture of nasal & sinus care products
Nandi Proteins Ltd, United Kingdom
Nandi Proteins Limited is a sales, marketing, IP and licensing company spun out of Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh in 2001. The company’s objective is to become a market leader in the field of denatured protein technology.
Naneum Ltd, United Kingdom
ManufacturerDistributor/VendorBusiness Service Company
Naneum is a company providing the next generation of instruments to measure and characterize aerosols
Nano Products Ltd, United Kingdom
ManufacturerDistributor/VendorCommercial R&D
Nano Products Ltd incorporates nanosilver, nanographene and carbon inks in the printing of conductive electrodes onto thin plastic sheets.
NanoBioDesign Ltd, United Kingdom
Laboratory EquipmentCommercial R&D
Nanobiodesign is developing a range of tools for the pharmaceutical industry based upon its patented P450 technology with the goal of producing a high throughput screening test.
Distributor/VendorBusiness Service Company
Nanoclave Technologies is an innovator in the design and manufacture of products that utilise ultraviolet (UV) light to eliminate bacterial and viral contamination
Nanoco Technologies, United Kingdom
ManufacturerCommercial R&DBusiness Service Company
Nanoco leads the world in the research, development and large-scale manufacture of heavy-metal free quantum dots and semiconductor nanoparticles for use in displays, lighting, solar energy and bio-imaging
Nanoflex, United Kingdom
ManufacturerDistributor/VendorCommercial R&D
NanoFlex designs and manufactures high performance electrodes suitable for use in sensors in a range of electroanalytical applications, typically in the healthcare and wearable technology sectors
NanoForm Therapeutics, United Kingdom
Commercial R&D
NanoActive™ platform delivers improvements in compound solubility, permeability and pharmacokinetics that can be applied across a diverse universe of chemical and biological compounds
Nanogenic Solutions Ltd, United Kingdom
Commercial R&D
Nanogenics Solutions is the exclusive licensee to the vector system (LipTide™) for targeted delivery of DNA, RNA, peptides and drugs into cells
Nanomerics, United Kingdom
ManufacturerCommercial R&D
Nanomerics is a speciality pharmaceutical company focused on the development of pharmaceutical products with enhanced bioavailability
Nanopharm Ltd, United Kingdom
Commercial R&DBusiness Service CompanyCRO/CMO
Nanopharm Ltd is a specialist research organization focusing on the development of inhaled medicines
Nanopool, United Kingdom
NanoSight Limited, United Kingdom
ManufacturerLaboratory EquipmentDistributor/Vendor
NanoSight supplies unique instruments for visualisation and sizing of nanoparticles. These allow polydisperse sample characterisation of nanoparticles, in the range of 10-1000nm.
Nanosight Ltd, United Kingdom
Distributor/VendorCommercial R&D
NanoSight’s “Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis” (NTA) detects and visualizes nanoparticles in liquids down to 10 nm, material dependant
ManufacturerDistributor/VendorCommercial R&D
Nanotether technology utilises variable length DNA molecules as tethers for binding pairs of test molecules in close proximity, thereby miniaturising biological assays
Nanotherics Ltd, United Kingdom
Commercial R&D
The company produces the magneTherm™ system which is a device which enables magnetic fluid and nanoparticle hyperthermia testing
ManufacturerCommercial R&D
Napp Pharmaceuticals provides prescription only products in the fields of pain, respiratory medicine, oncology, rheumatology, cardiovascular medicine and constipation
Nash Dental, United Kingdom
Distributor/VendorBusiness Service Company
A dental Laboratory
Nathan Murphy, United Kingdom
Commercial R&D
I have developed a healthcare product (www.hydracare.eu) - it is patented and has won various awards including a Medical Futures Innovation Award. I have paused work on this for a period of time, but am looking for support, advice and methods to take this
ManufacturerADME/Tox/TrialsCommercial R&D
The National Biomanufacturing Centre is set to become Europe’s leading biopharmaceutical design centre, with the capability to develop and manufacture a wide variety of novel biopharmaceutical medicines for early phase clinical trials.
National Eczema Society, United Kingdom
Not-For-Profit Org
National Eczema Society is a charity dedicated to improving the quality of life for people of all ages with eczema. We provide independent, practical and evidence-based information and advice on the treatment and management of eczema.
Business Service Company
The National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham - Exhibitions, Conferences, Concerts and Events
Business Service Company
National Mobility Hire offer long or short term hire solutions to suit your mobility needs
Not-For-Profit Org
The Chemists' Defence Association is a wholly owned subsidiary of the NPA and provides professional indemnity cover of up to £10 million for those members, their employees and engaged locums unfortunate enough to make a professional mistake during the cou
Business Service Company
Nationwide Laboratories is the leading UK ISO/IEC 17025 accredited veterinary laboratory specialising in diagnostic and clinical pathology laboratory.
Commercial R&DBusiness Service Company
The Native Antigen Company specialises in the R&D and scale up manufacturing of highly pure viral and bacterial native antigens
Natural History Museum, United Kingdom
For nearly 250 years The Natural History Museum has been making scientific discoveries which shape our understanding of the natural world. Now for the first time the new Darwin Centre throws open the doors to the work of the Museum's 350 scientists and re
Nature, United Kingdom
Nature is THE premier multidisciplinary science title. Published weekly it includes news & views, reviews, articles and letters. Nature Insights are published periodically and offer in-depth coverage of a specific topic.
Nature Biotechnology, United Kingdom
Nature Biotechnology
Technical Info/Web PortalJournal/Publisher
Nature Biotechnology journal featuring biotechnology articles and science research papers of commercial interest in pharmaceutical, medical, and environmental sciences.
Nature Protocols, United Kingdom
Technical Info/Web PortalJournal/Publisher
Nature Protocols is an online resource for protocols, including authoritative, peer-reviewed 'Nature Protocols' and an interactive 'Protocols Network'. The two create a dynamic forum for scientists to upload and comment on protocols.
Nature Publishing Group, United Kingdom
Nature Publishing Group
Technical Info/Web PortalJournal/Publisher
Nature journal of science online, visit us now to find the latest scientific research news and reviews with links to nature genetics, nature reviews and all the nature magazines.
Technical Info/Web PortalJournal/Publisher
a comprehensive web resource devoted to genomics. Access to all material is free. More...
Nature Reviews, United Kingdom
Nature Reviews
Launched in October 2000, Nature Reviews has revolutionized review-journal publishing. This has been achieved by commissioning the leaders in the field to write reviews of the highest quality, authority and accessibility. Each article is also carefully cr
NatureJobs, United Kingdom
Technical Info/Web PortalEmployment RelatedBusiness Service CompanyDatabase
Naturejobs is an excellent and comprehensive resource for scientists, post-doc and post grad students in all fields of science
ManufacturerDistributor/VendorBusiness Service Company
Naturelle consumer products Ltd are today a leading European manufacturer and distributor of personal protective equipment and disposable hygiene products
Natus Nicolet UK Ltd, United Kingdom
CareFusion is a global corporation serving the health care industry with products and services that help improve the cost and safety of health care

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