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Highly functional and cost effective software solution, backed by an enthusiastic and dedicated "hands-on" technical support team.
Apollo Medical Systems, United Kingdom
ManufacturerCommercial R&D
Apollo Medical Software Solutions is a supplier of Primary Care data extraction and clinical audit services to the NHS and the Private Sector in the UK
Apollo Prosthetics, United Kingdom
Distributor/VendorBusiness Service Company
Dental Laboratory
Apollo Scientific, United Kingdom
Apollo supplies X-GAL
aport Global Laboratory Relocation
Business Service Company
aport is a world-first in providing integrated laboratory relocation services that deliver fully compliant turnkey solutions across the globe.
Business Service Company
AposTherapy is a personalised, non-surgical and drug-free programme for knee and back pain
Apotex Europe Limited, United Kingdom
APOTEX is a Canadian pharmaceutical company committed to R&D, manufacturing and distributing a broad range of high-quality, affordable medicines
Business Service Company
Apple Europe, United Kingdom
Business Service Company
Appleton Woods Ltd, United Kingdom
Appleton Woods Limited is a leading supplier of a comprehensive range of quality laboratory equipment and consumables to life science laboratories
Applied Analysis, United Kingdom
We have particular expertise in stability testing, impurity analysis and method development. This is all backed up with over twenty years experience in a global marketplace.
From our headquarters at Gransden Hall, near Cambridge, we provide excellent business solutions for accounting, order processing, stock management, CRM and Virus protection.
ManufacturerLaboratory EquipmentDistributor/VendorBusiness Service Company
Applied Cytometry is a leader in flow cytometry data analysis, with 15 years experience of designing and developing software
ManufacturerLaboratory Equipment
The mission of AET is to build a successful, growing, profitable business, based upon its expertise in the field of protein biotechnology.
Business Service Company
Applied Health Intelligence is a company that specialises in the support of health economics
ManufacturerBusiness Service Company
Applied Imaging is the world leader in automated imaging and image analysis for the characterization of molecular markers in genetic and pathology laboratories.
Applied InSilico UK, United Kingdom
Commercial R&DDatabase
Applied InSilico provides uncompromised insight into complex disease data. Our technology reveals verifiable relationships in the most complex of datasets, and dramatically reduces time and resources.
ManufacturerDistributor/VendorBusiness Service Company
Applied Medical Technology Ltd is the UK's leading supplier of systems dedicated to the subcutaneous administration of drugs for a variety of clinical purposes
Applied Nanodetectors, United Kingdom
ManufacturerCommercial R&D
Applied Nanodetectors is a leading developer and supplier of nanosensor based solutions for environmental, healthcare and medical worldwide markets
Applied Photophysics, United Kingdom
Applied Photophysics
Applied Photophysics Ltd is a global developer and manufacturer of high quality, high performance, modern spectrometers for the study of structural, thermodynamic and kinetic properties of a wide range of proteins and other bio-macromolecules
Business Service Company
Applied Regulatory Consulting offers a wide range of regulatory consultancy services to companies seeking help with the development of pharmaceutical products.
ManufacturerDistributor/VendorBusiness Service Company
Applied Scintillation Technologies is a world leader in phosphor and scintillation technology. Our products allow the conversion of many different radiations into light for imaging and detection
ManufacturerDistributor/VendorBusiness Service Company
ATC offers a choice of compact and robust recirculating chillers from 480W through to 9kW cooling capacity. ATC machines provide temperature control to 0.10C precision. This level of control is required in a range of important applications including analy
Applikon Biotechnology, United Kingdom
ManufacturerCommercial R&D
Applikon Biotechnology is a world leader in developing and supplying advanced bioreactor systems from laboratory scale to production scale.
Applisci Ltd, United Kingdom
Commercial R&DCRO/CMO
AppliSci develops a diverse range of biotech opportunities
Apposite Capital, United Kingdom
Apposite Capital
Venture Capital/Finance
Apposite Capital is an independent investment firm focused exclusively on Healthcare. The firm primarily invests in private companies involved in Healthcare Services and Life Sciences. \n\nApposite has an in-depth sector knowledge covering all aspects of
AproTec, based in Nottingham, UK, has been providing document management solutions to engineering companies since the eighties. A wealth of experience together with mature proven software technology is available to help companies control and safeguard one
Aptamer Solutions, United Kingdom
Aptamer Solutions
Commercial R&DCRO/CMO
The Aptamer group of companies focuses on the development of aptamer technologies for use in research & development, biomarker discovery, diagnostics or therapeutic developments
AptivSolutions (an ICON company)
ManufacturerBusiness Service Company
Aptiv Solutions is a global development services company, focused on enhancing clinical trial decision-making and drug and device development through the design, simulation and execution of adaptive clinical trials and a novel statistical sampling approac
Aptuit (glasgow) Limited, United Kingdom
Business Service Company
Aptuit Consulting Inc, United Kingdom
Business Service Company
Aptuit Consulting is a unique, global drug development and medical device consultancy, comprised of a dedicated team of highly experienced scientists and regulatory consulting experts.
Aptuit Limited, United Kingdom
Aptuit Limited
ManufacturerCommercial R&DBusiness Service CompanyCRO/CMO
A pharmaceutical services company that delivers early to mid-phase drug development solutions
Aptum Biologics, United Kingdom
Business Service Company
We are proud to announce that our new software, EpiQuest™, is capable to find you the best epitope
AQ+ Plc, United Kingdom
Commercial R&D
AQ+ Plc is a world leader and de-facto specialist in medical research relating to bacteria and nano-bacteria as drivers of adverse medical conditions.
Aqdot Ltd, United Kingdom
ManufacturerCommercial R&D
Aqdot™ is a specialist chemical company with a focus and expertise in intelligent encapsulation technology.
Aqix, United Kingdom
ManufacturerDistributor/VendorBusiness Service Company
Developers and suppliers of Aqix for extending the viable storage periods and transportation times of organs and tissues
Aqix , United Kingdom
Commercial R&D
Homeostatic mechanisms play an essential role in regulating both the internal and external environments of any cell by means of multiple, dynamic equilibrium adjustments intricately controlled by interrelated regulatory mechanisms.
Aqua Births, United Kingdom
Aquabirths designs and manufactures birth baths for hospitals all over the UK and abroad
Business Service Company
Aqua Systems (UK) Limited was formed in 1984, as a specialist manufacture of Packaged Heating, Power and Water Filtration Systems. The company's growing in its involvement in engineering aspects of aquaculture and the demand for it's services.
Aquajoy Bathlifts Ltd, United Kingdom
ManufacturerDistributor/VendorBusiness Service Company
AquaJoy Bathlifts Ltd provide high quality, versatile, reliable bathlifts and accessories for adults and children and customer service and support

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